Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Walking

We've been walking alot this month...always something fun to see! 

This is an earlier progress shot of nearby construction.  This is where the llamas used to live.   Some say this building will be a hardware store, but we think it will be a car dealership, but hard to tell.

One of the old buildings at the Square is finally under restoration.  We can't wait to see it all done and beautified. 

Fun Street art.

Fun name for a shop!

Colorful, fun art at the bus stops along Av Solano.



We don't know the stories associated with this sidewalk art, but we're sure there are some.

We miss our walking partners,
Chuck and Nancy!

Cute little boy, cute hat.  This pic was taken on Palm Sunday, note the herb bouquet.

More adorable children, so sweet!

Yes, there is a MacDonald's here.  We're not into the burgers as we once were though. 

The best part of the place is "meeting Ron''!

Thanks to Cesar, we now know the name of this tree.  He calls it ''Fresno".  We also know that this same tree produces both the beautiful yellow flowers AND the curious seed pods. 
Thanks, Cesar!

More bus stop art...when pigs fly?

Cuenca's flags flew everywhere during 12 de Abril celebrations.

More beautiful flowers.

Stay tuned for more later.

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