Wednesday, April 16, 2014

15 K Race for Doce de Abril, 2014

Lots of Celebrations, all over town!  We're celebrating the Founding of Cuenca, April 12, 1557.

The City officials tell us there were about 30,000 visiters for this festivity! 

We started our Sunday early.  The preparations for the 15K race got us up and at ém.  The location for the 10,000 runners was right on Av Solano in front of the Ital-Deli.

Workers set up early....o'dark thirty...

Interesting that loud music accompanied the workers...and drowned out the Palm Sunday Mass and music right up the street...

Disabled runners and children took off earlier, then the rest of the crowd. Adding to the excitement was a machine spraying confetti (red/gold, the colors of Cuenca!)  A celebration wouldn't be complete without loudspeakers playing Chola Cuencana!

We could see runners reach 12 de Abril, while the rest were still waiting to begin.  The crowd stretched for blocks!

Good running weather, not too hot, a little chilly for us spectators.

We caught up again to the race to see the winners racing to the finish line at the stadium.  We clapped with everyone else and shouted encouragement as the racers ran by. 

These ladies managed to cross the street and not get mowed down by the racers.  Notice the bouquet of herbs and flowers for Palm Sunday.

So impressive that the runners represented a cross-section of our population...Young, old, fit and non-fit, disabled, even doggies...  ALL running at our altitude and most finishing the race!

Running with the Ecuadorian flag!

Way to go!

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