Friday, April 4, 2014

Inside Benigno Malo High School

During our Sunday Walk with Chuck and Nancy, we were thrilled! to see the insides of this historic High School.

 This building is one of Cuenca's treasures, located on Av Solano at 12 de Abril.

It is one of the venues for our Bienal (art show), now in progress for a couple of months. 

We love to see the insides of the old buildings in town.  Recently, the High School celebrated its 150th year, always fun to see the old building designs.  Some repairs and updates are evident, too.

School girls in the hallway.

The courtyard.

In the lobby.

Up several flights of stairs are the domes.

Stairway murals.

Art exhibits.

Great scenes of Av Solano from the roof.

Inside one of the domes.

On  the roof.

One of the exhibits showed the making of the bell.

From the video.

Photo of old Ecuador.

A very fun adventure!

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