Friday, October 10, 2014

September/October Walking -- Cuenca

We are still walking Cuenca!  There is always something to entertain us during our walks.

The car dealership looks close to opening.  (This is built on the same lot where the llamas used to live....progress, good and bad.)

Lovely pink trees are in bloom! 

They are called arupo here (crape myrtles), favorites of ours.

The New Cathedral doors got a Spring cleaning.


The old Miso restaurant is now done and open as a coffee shop, we think.  We haven't been in to check it out yet.

An old beauty downtown got a new paint job!
Another fun wall painting.
The peaceful Yunancay river. 
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Wow, both Quito and Cuenca are beautiful cities. Someday.....