Thursday, November 6, 2014

October/November Walking

We are still walking all over Cuenca, enjoying the sights and sounds of the City.

Always something fun to see. 

This is a picture of a street entertainer, all dressed and sprayed in silver.  When the traffic stops, he goes through his routine.  Then, he walks against the traffic asking for donations.  He's been on the corner for a few days so it must be profitable for him, we're guessing.

Street art is everywhere.  New-to-us art seems to pop up each walk.

It's tangerine and strawberry season!  Vendors selling out of wheelburrows were doing good business.

Halloween isn't a huge deal here yet, but it's starting to catch on.  We think it's mostly celebrated by folks returning from the US.  When we first arrived, there wasn't any Halloween.  Now, we hear of private parties for children and adults, without door to door trick or treating.

There are other opportunities to dress up in costume here instead.

A new day care in the neighborhood.

Construction still is booming.  We count more and more buildings going up.

Cuenca's flag colors are red and yellow. 

Getting ready for Cuenca's Independence Day/Week of festivities (which is the next blog).


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