Friday, November 7, 2014

Cuenca Celebrates 194 years of Independence

On November 3, Cuenca marks her day of freedom from the Spanish Empire.

The City celebrates for days, with art shows, music, dancing, food, parades, fireworks, beauty contests, rodeos and horse shows, rides for the children, and so much more!

 It's loud, it's crowded and we love it !

So many activities that one cannot see them all. 

This year, we hit the art show along the river with booths (and traffic and people) as far as you could see.

On THE DAY, November 3, we headed to the Main Square for the military presentation. 

Then, we ran into a parade for Beauty Queens!  Each surrounding town in our state of Azuay (Cuenca is the capitol) was represented, as well as the Chola Cuencana contestants for that afternoon's election and crowning.  All the women were just beautiful.


These are past Queens, we think.

So many very cute children all dressed up, too. 

A good start to the Holiday Season!


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  1. What a riot! Great pictures. Too bad that yoga pants have made their way there.