Thursday, December 4, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Part 1

What a beautiful City! 

A definite European feel.  We were immediately struck by the wide boulevards and tree lined streets.  One of the main thoroughfares is considered one of the widest in the world. 

Jacaranda trees in bloom everywhere.  We were impressed with the large green áreas and mature trees set aside, entire blocks in some places, for the people's enjoyment. 

A City of about 3 million, we barely scratched the surface of the various neighborhoods.

(a crocheted tree cozy!)

The neighborhood we stayed in, Palarmo, is filled with upscale shopping, lovely parks and busy outside cafes and restaurants.

Reminded us of San Francisco a little.


 There is even a Starbucks here. We haven't seen one of these for ages.

 It felt European with the Italian and French influences.

We took a tour to broaden our sights outside Palarmo.  We visited the famous cemetery where Eva Peron and other important people are buried.  We walked a bit in the very colorful San Telmo área.  We visited Independence Square, the Pope's Church and more.  A nice overview.

One evening, we enjoyed a dinner/tango show with Carol and George in an old theatre.  No pictures of the dancers, but they were fabulous!

With today's economy, we expected both Argentina and Uruguay to be outrageously expensive.  Instead, we were pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps leather products, clothes and food in both countries cost more than Ecuador, but not over the top.

After a few days in Buenos Aires, we headed back to the port for a boat ride to Montevideo, Uruguay.


Here are pictures of the boat that brought us to Buenos Aires.  Impressive!

Part 2 of Buenos Aires is next, with more pictures.

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