Friday, December 5, 2014

Buenos Aires, Part 2

Our tour took us outside of our neighborhood.

The first stop was a rose garden.

On to a statue of Eva Peron.
The famous Cemetery where Eva and other important people are buried.

Here is an old, restored theatre, now a bookstore.
On to Independence Square.

Argentina's 'White House' is pink!  The President doesn't live here, but it is the center of government.  We missed the tour of the inside, but next time.
Also on the Square, is the Pope's Church, when he worked and lived in Buenos Aires.
San Martin is the Father of Argentina.  A monument with the eternal flame.

An important date in Argentina's history.
A participant in a Gay Parade we just missed.

The colorful and vibrant San Telmo neighborhood, one of the oldest 'hoods in Buenos Aires.  Italians originally settled here in the late 1800's.

The theatre where we enjoyed the tango show.  We had great seats!
Headed to Montevideo.  Adios Buenos Aires, until we visit again.

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