Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fabian has a Birthday

We were delighted to be included in a birthday party celebration for Fabian and his nephew, Nelson, visiting from Italy.

Our pictures probably don't show how many folks attended (maybe 25-30?), but you can see it was multi-generational and multi-national.  Our pics also won't share all the music and dance steps!
But, be assured it was a lively time for all!

As we waited for the birthday guys....

We think we were all able to keep the surprise (or they faked it pretty good!)

A few presentations and speeches after a whole lot of delicious food!

Dancing!!  Little girls all have the right moves.


We got home late (for us). We left while the party was in full swing. We were in bed by 3am! and we were a little slow the next day...  us old folks bounce back slower than the young. 

What a fabulous time!  Thanks again to our gracious hosts.

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