Friday, February 6, 2015

A Wonderful Walk Through Inca Country

We finally visited the outside área around the Central Bank Museum.  We've walked the streets around it and we've been inside the museum a few times.  Somehow, it never worked out to also walk the gardens, until now.

What a wonderful place!  Peaceful, beautiful.  The weather that day also cooperated for not-too-hot, not-too-cold or too windy weather.  All that extreme weather came earlier and later in the day, so we lucked out.  It was perfect walking weather for us.

We are so happy the City saved this little piece of history!  Old Inca walls, terraced gardens, nice and flat walkways...and LLAMAS! 

The lay-out includes signs explaining the history, most in both Spanish and English. 
Admission is free (check in at the desk inside the museum).

The gardens include good examples of plants and trees that would have been planted here in Inca-time.  We saw blooming quinoa, several kinds of potatoes, squash, corn, herbs and more.

Stone work is beautiful.


We'll be back again.  This trip we didn't see the birds and inside plant displays, but next time.


For those interested in Inca stories, a very good book is called "Ínca'', by Geoff Micks (historic fiction).  Fascinating.  Well-written.
You can find it on Amazon for your kindle.

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  1. Great pics, Pumapungo is my favorite place in Cuenca