Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Walking, Part 2 -- More Parades and New Sidewalks

We love parades!  Christmas parades continue right up (in)to the Carnaval season. 

  Parade along Av Solano.


Parade along Calle Larga.


Sidewalks are still being renovated and improved.  It makes it a little dicey to walk the áreas with the construction, but we manage.  When both sides of the streets are torn up, the best way to walk is right down the middle of the street!  Of course, the cars are whizzing by, not the safest way...

We're looking forward to all the improved streets for us walkers!

More pictures:

A patio garden.

A unique art display at a Mexican restaurant.

Soccer, yeah!
Upcoming event.
A nest on our porch!  The birds must feel safe enough here to build a nest in one of our citrus trees. 
Costume shop for Carnaval.

River shots this month.

Weather earlier this month has been absolutely cold to the bone at night.  Lovely sunrises and sunsets after the day warms up and the morning fog burns off.  Some rain and lots of strong winds in the afternoons.  But, it's hard to predict the weather here in the Andes, no matter the month.

Every daybreak we are hopeful and so happy to be here.

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