Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6 Years Here, Going on 7!

We celebrate our 6 years here in Ecuador!!

Little did we think at the time we'd stay this long.  We kind of thought we'd start the South American Adventure here in Cuenca, then move on south...

But, we're still here!  And we're still loving it.  No plans to move on any time soon.

You can go back in our blog to our beginning in early 2008 (our first visit to Ecuador) and 2009 (our move year).   Our blog is one of the oldest, continuous blogs written by expats in Euador, with well over 600 entries and countless pics.

You can read all about our story, but be careful of dates and our impressions/experiences, if you are researching for your own move.  It's our story only and not necessarily yours or anyone else's.  You may also find some entires  way outdated (restaurants/shops now closed, costs higher, choices more or less limited, etc).

Brother Bob and Roxanne and Coquita were the perfect hosts on our first trip and also gave us a great jump-start as we got  situated. 

Here is a fun walk down memory lane:

Here are pics of our arrival in Cuenca, our new home, March 5, 2009:

(Wow, we lost some weight since we got here!  Yep, almost 90 pounds lost between us.)

This City has changed dramatically since we first arrived.  More services, better shopping, more choices of places to live.  More traffic, more people.  Better sidewalks, internet and food, for sure.

We've changed some, too.  Our Spanish is way better than our practically non-existent versión when we first came, which is not to say we're fluent and perfect now. Heck, we've been speaking English for 65-75 years!  Our old brains are hard to re-train.  (Excuses, excuses...) 

But, little by little, happy to report, we're gettin' ér done.  We're now dreaming in Spanish, and they say that's a good milestone.  We wish we had another 70+ years to really, really get good in our new language....

We'd also say we're more patient, more healthy, more relaxed, more happy.  We walk! 

But, some things haven't changed.  Cuenca is still beautiful  and still fun.

We may be in Ecuador, but we've still got some of our old ways.  We still greet the sunrise each morning from our porch, just like we've done since almost the beginning of time together, no matter where we were.

We still miss our family and friends in the Old Country. We still miss San Francisco crab and sourdough bread.  

(Roses bloom year-round here!)

We are still feeding the birds and digging in the garden and reading and cooking and we still have our projects.

We're still Team Rich and Nancy, stronger than ever, together, and enjoying the ride!

What's next?  Well, we're not leaving for good, but we're planning more travel in our great South America.  Stay tuned as our plans gel.

Thanks to our friends and family for sticking with us during our journey (and keeping up with us on our silly little blog).  We love you and you fill us full of gratitude for your kindnesses, wisdom, friendship and fun. 


Thank you, Ecuador,  for making us feel welcome from Day 1 and allowing us to share your beautiful Country with you.

Viva Cuenca!  Viva Ecuador! Viva!

(All of these pics were taken in Cuenca.)


  1. Shelagh and I have enjoyed your "Silly little blog" for many years now. And as long as you keep it up we'll be reading. We very much look forward to your next adventure.

    Cheers, and thanks for putting in the effort.

  2. So glad you landed in Cuenca. You have made our lives more are two very special people.