Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunday Walking -- San Sebastian to Gran Colombia

This portion of the Sunday walking adventure takes us from the top of the Otorongo Stairs toward San Sebastian Plaza. 

You can see this neighborhood is also old, with buildings in various stages of rehab, just like Av Loja (and most of Cuenca!)


Flowers blooming at the Plaza.

Past the Church, turning left and walking toward Av Gran Colombia.

Last time we walked this stretch of Gran Colombia, this Chinese restaurant was a grocery store.

The street construction for the Train is 23% done, according to the signs.


We passed the old 'Hood, where we stayed when we first arrived in Cuenca at the Cuadras apartment.  You can see the new buildings right in front of the old.

We made it to the round-about at Av Las Americas, with one of our favorite statues, Simon Bolívar. 
We continued across to Ordonez Lasso, heading west to meet our friends.


  1. Such a pretty city, but I wonder if the cloudy days would get me down, being a SAD sufferer... The coast too seems cloudy all the time.

  2. Hi Peter, on this particular day, we were glad for the clouds for walking. Otherwise, it would have probably been just too hot to walk so far. In fact, we thought it would rain that Sunday. It is still bright, even when it rains. I'll be the one with the sunglasses in the rain!
    Cheers, N