Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Walking -- Av Loja

Sunday is the perfect time to walk the streets of Cuenca.  Little or no traffic.  Quiet and peaceful.

This Sunday morning walk took us from Av Loja, beginning at the R Crespo intersection, all the way up to Otorongo Plaza on Av Doce de Abril.

Starting point.

Street scenes.  You can see both old and new buildings.  Most are in some stage of rehab.

Most businesses are closed on Sundays.

Empty streets, good sidewalks for walking.

Ready to cross the river toward the Plaza.

A collection of booths at the Otorongo Plaza.  Vendors were selling crafts and food. 
A slow climb to the top of the Otorongo stairs. (We've written before about the wonderful mosaic art along the staircase.)

Nice street art at the top.
We continued to San Sebastian Plaza, then  onward west to have lunch with friends.
 We'll share more pics later.

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