Monday, November 30, 2015

Orchid Show 2015

What a treat!

Nancy and Chuck admiring the details on one of the old doors.

Cuenca hosted the annual orchid show in a fabulous new location downtown this year.  We enjoyed the newly opened and renovated Seminary at the New Cathedral.  The open  courtyard was almost as spectacular as the orchids!

The Seminary area has not been open to the public before this event.  Some of our readers will remember it had been undergoing some renovation (including the restoration of 100 plus years old murals), when there was a devastating fire a few years ago. 

A breathtaking location with the New Cathedral in the background.

Some work is still i n process.

Here is the entrance to the show, all decorated with orchids.

The show area with beautiful orchids from around the world.  Many orchid varieties grow local, right here in our province of Azuay.

Lots of prize winners.  Many also for sale.


This one is called Hello Kitty!

What an enjoyable Sunday!

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