Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Party for Kids -- How you can help

Our family, Bob and Roxanne, host an annual Christmas Party for children in their small community on the Coast.  The party is right around the corner now, coming up fast this year!

Bob and Rox have been sponsoring this event for several years now and it is a HUGE success!  The kids look forward to this big event all year. 

Papa Noel comes to deliver gifts and a hot dog lunch is enjoyed by all.

You can see pics of all the happy kids in past years and to find out how to contribute to all the smiles,

We know there are lots of ways to make Christmas a happy time for children, so thanks for  considering a donation.  Be assured that ALL donations go straight to the party.  No middle-people, no overhead, no complications.  That is one of the things we like best about this grassroots event.  Bob and Rox do the planning and most of the work and children get to see Papa Noel on a very fun day, ...simple!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Rich and Nancy

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