Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas at the Coast

We are thrilled that we were able to visit our family, Bob, Roxanne and Coquita, this Season!

Bob and Rox host the wildly successful and very fun holiday event for children each year.  This year we got to see it upfront and personal, all the smiling children meeting Papa Noel.  A real treat!

We flew to the Guayaquil airport and Bob picked us up.  We still love the coy gardens at the airport.

An unusual sight...Pink flamingos on the way to the coast! 

A little hard to see, but they are there!

A fun limo in La Libertad.

Lovely Solstice sunsets from the porch over the ocean.


Setting up early morning of the Party.

Chipping ice and fixing hot dogs.

A quick quiet moment for Papa Noel before his grand entry.  Enjoying the breeze ocean side...

The Party!  LOTS of happy and excited kids! 

Who would have thought there were so many children (all under the age of 10)  in their little community...

Some of the crew.

We want to thank Bob, Rox and Coquita for the opportunity to take part in the festivities and for all their expert host duties:  We were wined and dined  and entertained in style! 
 Fun to see them, fun to see the kids, fun to have a first class coast vacation!  Thanks again.

If you missed it, you can see Bob and Rox s blog entry on the Party here:


Feliz Navidad!


  1. It looks like it was a great time for everybody! Congratulations!

  2. What a wonderful party. So glad you were able to be a part of it. Merry Christmas to you dear friends.