Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Walking in Quito

Always fun in Quito and always fun with friends!

Weather was pretty close to perfect.  Warm, blue skies, nice!  We sometimes think the weather in Quito is more sunny and warm than it usually is in our Cuenca.

Our visit was during the week Quito celebrated her Foundation Day, so lots of music and celebration going on...  outside stage going up for a concert.

Walking in Quito... The sky was really this lovely shade of blue, no photoshop...


Construction still in progress in Quito.


We took a ride to the countryside.  The Sierras are beautiful.

Sign in Cotacachi, looks familiar.

Silly us!  We visited Condor Park, thinking we would see condors!  But, no, not that day.  Instead, we enjoyed hawks and owls, but still fun...

A touch of Christmas in Quito...

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