Thursday, June 18, 2009

Benihana's -- Ecuadorian style

Last night we joined a few friends to check out a benihana-type restaurant.

Obate is located on Remignio Crespo across from the Pizza Hut at Solano... we recommend it! Thanks again to Shelley/Brian and Nancy/Chuck for organizing such a delightful evening for all of us!

All 13 of us were able to sit at the big circular table around the 4 grills and watch the staff cook our dinner of seafood, chicken, beef, veggies and dessert. Yummy!

The cook didn't toss food up and into his hat and he didn't do fancy knife-tricks, but fun to watch all the same.

Service was great! They are only open for dinner and we think they do lunch on Sundays. Nancy/Chuck made reservations for our party and they were ready for us, but reservations are probably not necessary for smaller parties. Check them out if you're in town.

Besides dinner, we had time to catch up on all the news, too. We chatted with Ronnie and Andre about their new place in the countryside (which can accomodate animals! and a large organic garden! with fruit trees and coffee plants!! Sounds just wonderful!!!).

We talked with Chuck and Nancy about their travel plans, past and current... they are headed soon to China to watch the upcoming eclipse. Their previous cruise along the west coast of South America inspires us for a possible trip that way in the future, too...

Bruce and Charlie are always fun company...we discussed the finer points of shopping, finding good restaurants and had a few laughs with the idea of serving wine snobs box wine instead of $100 bottles...and we're still laughing about the cuy and chicken stories!

Holly shared a good dentist... which Nancy appreciates as she has some dental 'opportunities' ... and her upcoming trip back to Canada for a visit. Brenda and Clarke gave us some laughs about their Spanish and salsa lessons and their walking adventures around town.

We caught up with Shelley and Brian and Fredi, too. Always good to see them!
Fredi was perfect, as always.

All such nice folks!

In the middle of dinner, Rich 'felt' a presence between us... he looked down and discovered a very sweet, tiny little girl with roses to sell. Rich bought a rose for Nancy for a buck, before the little girl was escorted from the restaurant by the management.

Goodness! This little one should have been in bed at this hour! You gotta wonder what her story is...

But, she reminded us of the little children at the internet/phone cafe on the coast last year... those little kids found Rich and wanted to 'pet' his hairy arms!
They were waiting for their Mom to finish a phone call and found Rich typing away...Funny how the kids find Rich...


ps -- For another renditon of the evening, see, Brian and Shelley's blog!

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