Saturday, June 27, 2009

Furniture arrived!

(Added July 2:
website for Ecuadorian furniture is: Located at Sucre 5-84 and Hermono Miguel.
Kathy's shop is across the street, look for the 'madeform' sign.)


A few weeks ago, we ordered living room furniture from 2 different places. It's arrived! And, it's all perfect! Nothing damaged!

Wednesday, the delivery guys arrived with the couch, 2 loveseats, a chair, coffee table and 1 end table... 2 days early!
The 2nd end table arrived last night... the last piece.... right on schedule.

Kathy, our sales lady, arrived with the guys to personally oversee the delivery. Excellent service and such a nice lady!

Here's Kathy and Fabian inspecting one of the loveseats.

The pillows are reversible, with one side sage, the other side cream. All the furniture came up via elevator, except the couch... that had to come up the stairs, all 10 floors. The guys did a great job!

We ordered 3 pieces of handmade Ecuadorian furniture, too, from a shop close by to Kathy's. They made it to order for us.

A table, mirror and a screen for the entry area. (2 views)

Table top is glass over wooden flowers. Same flowers around the mirror.

Screen details...

A good start, we think... We still need to decide on a dining room table, some lamps, rugs. etc.

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