Thursday, July 2, 2009


Added July 6: website is

Nancy, a new friend of ours, shared a special pottery factory/shop with us. Turns out she and husband Chuck are also neighbors in a nearby building!

Such a fun time! Thank You, Nancy and Chuck, for a delightful afternoon!

The camera had a problem (card was full!), but we managed to get some good shots of the retail area. Several lovely patterns and colors! There is also a 'seconds' area, when available. We thought the prices were fabulous and definitely plan to return (with room on the camera and for some purchases).

This blues pattern is a 'beach' theme.
You can see the variety of shapes and sizes for the dishes. There are also light fixtures, garden pots/statues and more serving sizes.

We'll be adding more pics of the factory when we return. Fascinating!
This business ships all over the world, too.

For more pottery pics (and more!), you can visit Nancy and Chuck's blog at:

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