Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those little surprises

Last week we decided to get serious about a daily walking program...Lord knows we need the exercise! And, it's a great way to learn and see more of our neighborhood and the City. In the drizzling rain, but we didn't mind.

We stopped into a local furniture place in the neighborhood and found the perfect dining table and chairs, got those on schedule for delivery at the end of the month. And, we stopped into a couple lighting fixture shops and perused the different lamps and chandileers... lots of good possibilities.

Thursday, we ended up at Raymipampa, a popular restaurant next to the new cathedral on Calderon Square. We had heard that almost all places serve a 'set lunch', on the menu or not. So, we asked and, yes, they do serve one, from noon - 1pm only. Menu probably changes daily, but we were served: Fresh fruit juice, potato soup, pork chop/gravy and rice, and a scoop of berry ice cream for dessert. Total price for the 2 of us = $4.46.
Such a deal and delicious!

From lunch, we wandered over to Mama Kinua's Cultural Center near one of the markets on Torres... We had heard this organization serves the indiginous population and raises money through tours and through their restaurant... Since we arrived during the lunch period, everyone was busy cooking and serving, so we'll return for more info on their tours later. Good looking food in the cafe!

Their website is under construction, but some good info is up now:

On Friday, we ventured out again on foot and had another delightful day. Lunch at Sankt Lucian (next to the Hotel Crespo on Calle Larga). Their 'set lunch' (which changes each day, too) was a fruit juice, a green soup -- not sure what it was, but it was good (and we forgot to write down the menu so we could look it up later), spaghetti/meat sauce and sliced bananas with whipped cream for dessert. Less than $4 each.

We walked around the Calle Larga area, window-shopping, on the way to a museum in the area.... checked out some art galleries and a guitar-making studio...

The Museo de las Culuras Aborigenes is fascinating!
Located at Calle Larga, between Hermono Miguel and Mariano Cueva, $2 admission is worth it. They have about 5000 artifacts, organized by cultural periods, going back about 15,000 years. Hour long tours in Spanish, English and French are available, too.

Incan stonework.

metal blade collection.


Nancy's favorites... love this little guy!

We met Carmen, the English-speaking guide, working in the gift shop (where Nancy bought the most colorful alpaca sweater!) and later in the courtyard cafe, (Note the orchid display!) after we had already been through the exhibits (we followed the French tour). She offered to take us on the tour on another day and gave us her phone number... we really enjoyed her company and may take her up on the offer later.Skull with gold teeth... they have a shrunken head on display, too (no picture, kind of gruesome...the head could fit into a teacup!)
Reproductions of the artifacts are for sale in the gift shop, along with jewelry, Ikat shawls, t-shirts, sweaters and other local crafts.
Another picture of yet another sunset from our porch! Always a surprise, always a delight!

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