Saturday, July 4, 2009

Medical history museum

A couple days ago, we got to wandering along the river across from Calle Larga on Av. 12 de Abril, and discovered a museum next to the military hospital and school (right at the new bridge). The entry from the street is small, you almost miss it.

Once inside, there is a huge parking lot and a white 'church' at the far end

The building complex used to be a hospital.. San Vicente de Paul. If you enlarge this shot, you'll see the museo entry.

Lovely architecture and courtyard.

Inside several rooms (and along the upper level outside) is the collection of old medical equipment, from the 20's, up to about 1960 or so. Not sure exactly what some of the equipment was used for (torture??). We'll include a 'sample', and maybe our medical friends can let us know.

sterilizers? autoclaves?

At the far end of this room, a famous Cuenca doctor's office (WW2 era).

An operating room; bed is steel with perforated holes (not sure if there was a cushion on it at one time.)

x-ray machine!

Nancy was touched by the maternity/labor area and this old incubator.

If you're interested in medical history, especially with a Cuenca perspective, check it out. We found it fascinating (even if some items looked like they belonged in a horror film!)

$2 admission goes toward the renovation fund.

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