Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Produce Market

(One of the plastic bags, with the name of the store)

We took a walk across the river to a local produce co-op this morning, our 2nd trip.

The first time we visited, we were expecting more of a growers/farmers-type market with booths and vendors, more of an open-air type place... this place is not like that at all.

It's modern, clean, several aisles with bins holding a wide variety of very fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, fresh herbs, flowers. There is also a small refrigerated area with seafood, chicken, meat, dairy products and a few shelves of breads and sweets.

Last time our intent was to just walk over and check it out... buy a few veggies for dinner that night... walk back. Well, we ended up with a whole basketful of stuff that we ended up getting home by taxi!

This morning we were a bit more careful...but we still ended up with:
fresh ginger, 8 little bananas, 2 tree tomatoes (more about these later), 2 avocadoes, 5 red onions, big bunch of green onions, head of lettuce, 8 small beets, 8 carrots, 2 red and 2 green peppers... grand total $2.87.
(NOT a typo!)

We weren't familiar with tree tomatoes (tomate de arbol) until recently when an Ecuadorian friend suggested we order a juice made of it at lunch -- very good! A new taste, not like a tomato at all! Ecuadorian cooks also use them for a salsa/hot sauce which we're going to try, too.

Tree tomatoes, the size of a persimmon; thin skin like a plum. Black seeds inside.

Several kinds of potatoes.

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