Thursday, July 30, 2009

Headed to the coast!

Bob and Roxanne and Coquita-the rocket-girl have invited us to the coast for Rich's birthday next week!

We're so excited!

We zipped by the airport yesterday for our tickets to Guayaquil, so tickets in hand.

One interesting story we have to share, for those who have permanent residency in Ecuador... We had heard that in-country flight discounts were available for residents and Ecuadorians alike, 50% off.

So, we asked... yes, they are available IF you have your actual cedula (id card). Alas, we don't have our cards yet and our stamps in the passports didn't substitute. BUT, the good news is YES, you can apparently get the discounts, so remember to ask. If we'd had the cards, we'd have saved about $120... go to know for the next trip.

The flight, Cuenca to Guayaquil, is about a half hour. Bob will pick us up there and then we'll drive to their place...

(There doesn't seem to be discounts for 'seniors/3rd age' on Aerogal Airlines.)

Anyways, we're excited and really looking forward to the trip. We had so much fun visiting their 'place in paradise' last year. It will be fun to see Isidro, Agripina and Lorrane-the parrot, too.

Here is a (not so good) pic of some shells that Roxanne collected and gave to us... you can, hopefully, see the diversity and all the colors... we are hoping to add to the shell collection!

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