Monday, August 10, 2009

Most Excellent Coast Adventure

We had one BIG and really FUN party at the coast with Bob and Rox!

We're home now, going through pics and doing laundry... and re-getting used to the altitude again. Some think once one gets acclimated to high altitude, you are set for life... ahhh, no, not for us. We felt great at sea level! And, now, we're humming at a different level again. Not bad, just different. Or maybe it's just 'tude... back in the city. Overcast, with some drizzle.

Cuenca airport is newly renovated...

Only 3 gates for in-country flights, but now there is a mall of upscale shops (righthand side of picture) and some pretty good coffee.

The flight was delayed about a half hour, and we met Bob after the very quick, uneventful flight of 25 minutes.

Even on such a short flight, we were served juice and a roll with ham/cheese. The gals had served coke and banana chips when they announced the flight and boarding was delayed -- nice touch. All on the honor system, too, no one checked boarding passes to see if you were eligible for the 'free food'.

We like Aerogal Airlines. Always nice folks, and the airplanes have iguanas (and frigate birds from the G. Islands) painted on them. Even the headrest cloths on the back of the seats have little red, embroidered iguanas! (We'd add a pic of the airplane, but it might be copyrighted... just google for an image.) We've flown Tame Airlines in-country, too... they are fine, just no iguanas on the airplanes...

We stopped for lunch in Salinas...right on the water.

Elaborate sandcastle on the beach.

Looks like Hawaii.
And, headed north...

We got to see the artwork (created
by backhoe).

Wow, what a great celebration for Rich's birthday! FUN to see Everyone again!

Coquita and the beach!

(That's Bob and Rox's place right behind Rich -- Rocket Girl was so happy to see her Dad again, too.)

We HAD to hit the Casa Blanca few times... a few changes around town since we were there last, about 18 months ago.

Fun to see our buddy Hector again!

Food at the Casa Blanca is still delish!

Noodle with shrimp and chicken (extra onions and garlic for Rich on his birthday. )

Rich 'surfing' on his birthday!

Lovely of these visits we'll see the famous green flash.

Rich posing with his new drill sets -- to go with his new drill!

(Bob had been reporting on our visit, real time, on the bobnrox blog, here:

Hoping we have a few shots that are different...but, then, some pics might be the same... just doubling our fun as we recap!)

Bob dropped us in Guayaquil, the night before our early morning flight back to Cuenca. We stayed at the Sheraton hotel, about 5 min from the airport. We've stayed at Sheratons for several years, going back to Nancy's bank days, so we got a really good deal.

Funny how most Sheratons are the same in layout and services... except the ones in Quito and Guayaquil have some Ecuadorian food on the menu. We felt perfectly safe in Guayaquil... of course, not only were we in the Sheraton 'bubble', but we also didn't have time to venture out much. We're looking forward to a longer visit next time -- got to visit the iguana park!

So, we're back in town... resting, watching the changing clouds and wool sox on the feet...some catch-up errands...

We'll be back to the Coast soon enough for more R and R, which we really needed this time! Thanks again to Bob and Rox and Coquita for such a delightful time! Nice to warm the bones and party-harty!!

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