Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We were intrigued wuth this ancient Andean grain, so decided to try it out.

Well, it has it's own unique taste.

Not bad, just different.

We've eaten it several times now, each batch with a new variation to the recipe.

We think cooking it in chicken broth, with maybe some garlic/onions, a bunch of cilantro, madybe some cooked chicken... you get the idea. We've also cooked it with brown or white or wild rice, and even added some lentils a couple times. Add some veggies...some chiles, some curry, ginger... Good in soups and casseroles, too. Hot or cold, we're starting to like it!

It's touted as being almost a wonder food... lots of nutrients and fiber, which we all know we need more of, right?

We bought it right from SuperMaxi, already washed and ready to go, you can find it in the arroz section.

Always looking for good recipes, so feel free to share if you stumble upon a good one.

Another web search told us that it was almost extinct (no thanks to the Spanish colonialists), but was re-discovered by a couple guys in Colorado... lots of good, interesting info on the Net... do a google for more info.


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