Monday, August 17, 2009


Right before we headed to see Bob and Rox at the Coast, we got 'the call'.
Nelson, our attorney, told us to meet him within the half hour to finish up the residency status.

So, we did. And, now we're the proud owners of our cedula, the all-important id card. The card allows us to stay in Ecuador, beyond the tourist visa timeframes, and also gives us discounts for travel and other things.
We're excited! A long haul, getting all the paperwork straight, but well worth it.

Another card one should remember to get is the SuperMaxi card (like Safeway)... which gives you discounts at the store, as well as discounts at other places. We also have a Fybeca card (Fybeca is a drugstore chain) for discounts, but we also heard your SuperMaxi card will also work at Fybeca.

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