Monday, August 31, 2009

Still having fun

Catching up...a few little stories to share...
Recently, we spent a delightful afternoon with our friends, Bruce and Charlie.
We started with lunch at the Ital-deli (off Solano). Downstairs is a pretty good sized meat market and then upstairs is the sandwich area.
Ital-deli has a good selection and good prices. (We're getting used to seeing some of the selections... huge beef hoofs, which we hear are mandatory for a traditional Ecuadorian soup, huge tongues and 'mystery' stuff...) We hear the meat is good and the prepared items are good, too.
We checked in on construction next door at Edifico Frigata...

Nancy is talking with her hands again.

With Elio, one of the architects.
We ended up walking a bit... made a stop at a lamination place (for copies and lamination of id cards)... ended up off the main square at the flower market area. We also had the pleasure of meeting Bruce and Charlie's friends, a very friendly and fun Cuban family, who are just getting started in the restaurant business off Calle Larga... right off one the staircases down to the river.
Their food looked/smelled delicious and we'll be back!

To round off the day, we ended up, yet again, enjoying Ecuadorian ice cream ... fun!
We've had a couple of other spur-of-the-moment good times.
One day, our neighbors, Chuck and Nancy, saw our porch windows open from the street and gave a call... We met them at the BQ sports restaurant at our corner... and had the opportunity to also meet Ozzie, who has just arrived from Houston! Welcome, Ozzie! Nice to meet new neighbors.
We're still laughing about one of our weekend adventures! We have invited a few of our friends over for dinner Sept 5... Chuck and Nancy arrived a week early last Sat night! We were surprised, but delighted! to see them! Such fun folks. After some good laughs over a glass of wine, they introduced us to another neighborhood restaurant, Ricky's, at Mariscal Lamar y Avenida de las Americas. (Right near Super Maxi's).
Ricky's delivers! A wide menu... pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and more.
phone: 283-3954.
Rich and Chuck split a pizza (very thin crust, cooked in a pizza oven), loaded with anchovies... both Nancy's passed on the anchovies and had pasta (one with a ton of seafood... the other with sausage and a creamy tomato sauce... both delish!) We all raved about the food...
AND, as we walked back home, we HAD to stop for more ice cream!
Goodness... it's a good thing we're getting into more walking or we'd be packing on the ice cream pounds, big-time!
Be sure to check out Chuck/Nancy's blog for a photo of Rich's banana split (and Nancy's black/white sundae) ...
Lots of other wonderful stories on their blog, too.
Happy week, Everyone!

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