Friday, August 14, 2009

Coast, part 2

More pics of our most excellent Coast visit!

We brought gifts from Cuenca...and from the States for Agripina (a magnetized necklace..can also be a bracelet).

Pottery with a beach-y theme for Rox.

(That's a seahorse on the pitcher, even though we thought it was an iguana at first.)

Coquita 'in motion' opening her gift of new chews.

Cuenca team for the guys...

Rare picture of Coquita, posing and NOT being the Flying Coquita/Rocket Girl!

We love this pic of Agripina, hand on hip, definitely 'in charge' of a new water tank install.

We enjoyed meeting more members of Agripina and Isidro's family.

Lorraine the parrot is still making her Lorraine noises (whistling, coughing, laughing, etc.)... we fed her fruit which she really likes.

Exciting to admire the art in Montanita, upfront and personal.


Another night at the Casa Blanca.

This is the same church, now renovated, at which we attended the wedding last year. Very nice!

More beach fun!

School kids and the teacher.

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