Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yep, a huge flood at our apt at Edificio Los Pinos!!


We had just gotten back from a meeting concerning our long-term visas and decided to take a nap... when the phone rang from the guard station. In our grogginess, we thought the guard was trying to line up some painting (the roof leaked awhile ago and one of the guards, who is also the resident painter, had been trying to line up an appt to re-paint the upstairs ceiling...). Rich just said 'manana' and went back to sleep...

Then, there was urgent doorbell ringing... when Nancy stepped off the last stair, into 4 inches of water... well...

Now we know the spanish word for 'flood'!!

The whole downstairs was flooded! Every inch of floor, all the way out to the elevator lobby!

The guard brought up a wetvac... the plumber arrived...and we all got to work to mop up and try to figure out the source of the water. We still don't have a clue.

And, everything is perfectly dry today, nothing is damaged.

We had to smile this morning... we would have thought it all was just a bad dream, except for the damp drapes.

A river running through it... now, where have we experienced THAT before? Memories of Park View Terrace Apts and Telegraph Hill...

But, all's well that ends far, we're dry as a bone. And, the building people were responsive and helpful and you can't ask for anything more than that.

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