Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our 21st anniversary is today!

We were married in Bodega Bay, California,

July 2nd, 1988. What a fun time, we celebrated for at least a week, with family and friends.

Wanted to share some pics we remember the day/s... thought you'd enjoy remembering, too.

It was one of those rare summer days on the Coast... NO FOG!

Hamm/Hedges family... not everyone could make it, but many did... fun!

Nancy with Mom and Grandma.... and sisters. See a family resemblance?

This one was taken in 1981...we've been 'an item' since then... don't we look *young*?! Goodness! We remember this day as if it were yesterday...

A love affair for the last 28 years... and counting!

We'll be celebrating this weekend... wish you all could join us!

This pic was taken at Bodega Bay that 4th of July, 1988...

Little did we know then that fireworks are a common sight at weddings in Ecuador, too.

Celebration flowers, 2009!

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  1. I obviously am way behind reading your blog. I love these pictures, and remember your stories like I was right there with you. I hope you had the greatest anniversary.
    We'll have one for you on our 28th too! Love you, Jim and Shirley