Monday, July 20, 2009

Chickens and Churchbells and...SNOW?

...Add the hound dog-singing, construction noise, traffic, the river and birdsong, fireworks and loud party-hardy folks and you'll know the sounds of this city.

St Roque Church (maybe the bells we hear each morning at 6:20 am resonate from here?)
Another river shot from one of our neighborhood walks.
Still getting used to the sounds, sights and the upside-down weather.

As our friends and family in the northern hemisphere are getting fried with 100+ temps... we're freezing here! We checked one of the weather sites for Cuenca forecasts yesterday... it said SNOW! Of course, it doesn't snow here, but these COLD temps sure feel like it. It's been low 40's, high 50's, wool sox weather. Extra-blankie-on-the-bed weather. Glad-we-have-our-wool-shawls-and-wool-fingerless-gloves weather.

Hard to wrap our heads around HOT, but we're remembering the HOT, which is good for tomatoes and sunflowers in the garden... and, we're remembering the irrigation/hay hard work at the ranch (not missing THAT much at all!).

Sending sno-cones to all who are melting!

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