Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day in the Life of...

We always start the morning on the porch. Sunrises and coffee to begin each day. Those simple pleasures...
The sky changes minute by minute.
What a show!

In our travels, we've found some wonderful Loja coffee... Tim, it's comparable to Peet's! Ground just right for our french press, so fresh and delicious. About $2.50/lb. For those here, looking for good coffee, there are a couple good shops right off the main square, and also check out Carolina's book store.

Flowers! Lots of wonderful flowers to enjoy here.
Just about any kind of flower and plant available.

Flower market downtown, right off the main square.

These folks are going into the church.

One of the flower markets we pass on our walks in the neighborhood.

Flowers at our apt:

We have a theory about the 'big flood' that we experienced a few days ago in the apt. The washing machine! We had some power outages during the morning and the building generator kicked in each time the power blipped... so we think the washer's programming got confused and just kept on filling...here's the culprit (we think!).

Now, to just be super-safe, we don't leave the washer unattended when it's running... and now we turn off the water at the machine when we leave the apt, just to be super/super safe. No need to 'irrigate' the apt again!

Our long-term residency has been approved and we're halfway through the process. Our passports have fancy stamps in them and our trip to the policia the other day got us photoed and into the national database.

The next step, to get us into the state registry and to get the all-important cedula (id card), was held up... the folks had run out of the official paper with the watermark and had to order more. Our attorneys tell us that now there is a huge backlog to process, but not a problem for us... We just need to get the process completed in the next month or so. We'll get scheduled when the backlog is done (attorneys will set up the appt later next month and help us through...)

Another shot of the river we walk along toward old town. Reminds us of the Applegate River in Grants Pass.

Some fun pictures of friends.

Bruce and Clarke. Charlie, Brenda and Nancy.

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