Thursday, June 11, 2009

One man welcome committee in Quito; meet Brian!

Our first new friend in Ecuador was one of the Brian's (we now know 2). Brian (of Brian and Holly) had been in touch with Bob and Rox and knew we were coming... but we didn't know he knew and certainly didn't know he was staying in the very same hotel... Brian works out of Quito (with family in Cuenca).

We were exhausted from the long slog of getting here, and not in the best of moods when we finally got to the hotel...

Picture this: Brian, in his very nice and gentle way, is asking us if we are 'The Hedges' (as we're struggling with the bags off the shuttle, about midnight Quito-time, and we're just a teeney bit crabby)... and Nancy flips over to the dark side and probably said something like: So who's asking??? (Yikes!)
Well, we finally got it all straight, apologizing profusely! and ended up having a great visit. Such a nice guy!

Here's a pic of Brian...

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