Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

This is our 2nd New Year celebration in Cuenca, as we march toward our 3rd year here in this lovely City.

This year we joined friends at their beautiful apt for a party and a close-up view of the street celebrations at the river.  What a treat!

We ate and drank ourselves silly, and then slept over...a real fun change from past years.  And, we were grateful there was no black ice, no stormy, snowy weather and dark roads to try to drive home through, as we did each year in Oregon.  Wow, an adult sleep-over...what a great concept! 

Of course, we ended up chatting and gabbing until 3 or 4am...but we were having fun and enjoying the easy evening, uncomplicated by the issues of transporation and safety.  We just figured we could always sleep later.  And, we had one of the best birds'-eye view of all the fireworks in the area!  We even watched the New year's celebration on CNN and the descent of the ball in NY.  But, mostly we ate, drank, chatted and gabbed and yucked it up with each other.

Last year we joined friends for dinner and then walked around the downtown area, enjoying all the festivities. But, we were in the middle of a draught and a resulting power outage then and we couldn't get a taxi home, The streets were all dark, except for the bonfires...we didn't feel safe walking and there was no room at hotels for the night.  Not good. We were lucky we ducked into a hotel, the owner there arranged a ride home for us, after serving special drinks for us in his beautiful lobby.  Another act of kindness we experience here almost every day by total strangers.  We still never take those kind moments for granted.

Here's last year's post:

In past years, we celebrated the New Year with friends and family, too...  and this year really was no different (except for the burning of all the dummies in the streets and the cross-dressers asking for change).  Ringing in the 2011New Year with special friends, who have become 'family', was one of the best yet.  And, we didn't have to go home til late morning the following day! 

Here's wishing the Very Best Year to all! 
We live in 'interesting times'...May we all find friends to cherish, appreciation of all the little things, kindnesses of strangers, good health and peace and joy in our brand New Year.

Happy 2011!

The picture above is of an old New Year's Eve custom here in Ecuador.
Folks jump over the flames 3 times to ensure good luck in the New Year.
A brand new beginning.
( Is that Rich?)

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