Sunday, January 23, 2011

More fun pics of Cuenca

Yes, still walking...

Here are some fun pics we wanted to share from our recent walks around town.

More parades, more beautiful horses, more precious children...

Getting those flowers just right for the 'float'.

This is the end of a can see the back of our friend, Howard, as he walks through the crowd of resting children.  You can also see that Santa is still here in Cuenca!

Yet one more parade...we enjoyed this one through the front windows at the Kook last Sunday.

An intricate carved door on a church...

We love this pic of Mom and child on the left ...the gal on the right is in school uniform.

More pics of the flower market...

OK, one more parade...  this one featured girls, of all ages, in RED plaid school uniforms and yellow balloons and very loud drummers!  Fun to see so many happy girls, being girls.  Moms and teachers marched right along, too.  We're sure it was for a good cause.

You can see some children are still wearing their Christmas outfits, too.  A few shepards in the mix.

One more shot...this one of a Dad and his cute daughter.
We sure enjoy these little slices of life!

We are seeing that holidays are starting to blend together here.  The Christmas Season is blending with the upcoming Carnaval Season!  Carnival is all about water here, especially fun for the kids with water balloons.  We skirted around a few kids the other day.  They were all having a great time tossing the ballooons at each other, shrieking with delight as the balloons hit the target.  They were all drenched, but having a heck of a good time.

Our first trip to Cuenca was in the middle of Carnival and we got pretty wet, too!  Those balloons can hurt, we've heard stories of some nasty injuries as the kids get wound up.  Be careful out there!  Lots of water 'opportunities'...last year kids had hoses, buckets of water, the balloons, water pistols and more.  Everyone and everything is a target.  We'll post some pics as we chance the cameras...

  Bob, Rox and Coquita blew through town recently and we can't resist sharing this...Here is Coquita, all bundled up and toasty on the couch with her bunny toy.  For a beach doggie, she was probably pretty chilly here.

More pics later.

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