Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walking, new-to-us art gallery, more parades

Here is another collection of  pics from our walks through our beautiful Cuenca.

Lovely details on the buildings. 

Another street vendor and a doggie.

Chickens at the market...

Goats on the street!

An adorable child showing Nancy her money and shaking hands.  Mom was close by. What a cutie and so was Mom.  Those sweet little moments with the children are such a treat.

We wondered for what occasion these girls were decorating...maybe a wedding?

Beautiful fabrics in a shop window


We passed a wood shop one day.  This dragon on a special door is really good!

Yarn alert!  This shop is located near the CA Kitchen, same street, at Av Tarqui.  Looks like the good stuff.

On one of our Sunday walks with Nancy and Chuck, we stopped in at this art gallery.  Had to take some pics for Audrey and Jim!  This looks more like the creepy dark-side of Halloween...

You can check out the website for more.

Our friend, Nancy, looking tentative...

Ending a walk one day with an ice cream treat.
Love those early morning walks with no stinky traffic...

We're still enjoying  parades of the children!  Each neighborhood seems to continue the holiday tradition well beyond the Big Parade on Christmas Eve.  Here are more pictures, complete with horses, music,  angels, dancing, decorated vehicles and more.  Traffic come to a standstill during the parades in the areas.  For those here in Cuenca, you can see the Christmas parades all over town up to Lent and Carnival.  Enjoy!

Even though it was drizzling that day, the parade went on...

The bike 'parade' is also a familiar sight on Sundays.
More pictures later.

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  1. Nancy, thanks for the great photos. I'm always impressed with the clean streets.

    Weather report from the Willamette Valley. Duh--- RAIN

    Hasta pronto