Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peeking into Those Little Shops

You just never know what you'll find behind those closed doors until they are open!  Always fun to see during the work week.  We often pass these shops when they are closed on Sundays.

Fixing old furniture. 

An artist's workshop.

A little bit of everything.

Puppets and yarn and ribbons.

Metal items.

A cute cafe with a great name and sign!

One day we walked around with our friends, Bruce and Charlie. 

A new neighborhood for us.  It was one of those absolutely glorious balmy days! 

Well, most of the afternoon was blue sky, until the winds came up and the temps dropped.  The 'hurricane' never materialized, even though it sure looked and felt like it would.  The wind almost blew us down the street.

The winds stopped, just as suddenly as they had begun...back to glorious skies and balmy temps.

We checked out some furniture places, with lovely old stuff.

Here's Bruce and Nancy peeking through some gates at an old house.

Another day we walked with our friend, Monica. 

An old plaque on a building.

We learned the City has purchased some of these old buildings for a 'cultural center'.

We think this means that this area will be updated, just like some of the other, older neighborhoods.  A good thing!

We really enjoy the walks around town.  We get to see the neighborhoods, we get our exercise  (we're not gym people), we get to peek into the little tiendas...always something new!  Our lives are never boring.

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