Friday, March 18, 2011

Small World -- Safe Travels, Liza and Larry

It's occurred to us that we really do live in a small world.  With technology, like Skype, the internet, international phone calls...we can stay in touch with family and friends as if they are just down the block.  Of course, there is nothing compared to the in-person hug, but at least we have technology.

Some folks worry about leaving their family and friends as they head out to their new adventures, to the next town, over US state lines, or half way around the world...Yes, some of us even head to South America!  Some of us also  have to say 'fare thee well' to loved ones as they leave us behind, always hard to move on or let our loved ones go.  Thank goodness for all the ways to stay connected.

Our dear friends, Liza and Larry, are leaving Ecuador for their next adventure.  They are our talented, award-winning micro-mosaic artist friends.  Some of you have checked out their web site and know what we're talking about.  See Liza's art  here: 
(The pics on this blog entry are also some of Liza's beautiful artwork.)

We sure will miss them, but through the wonders of technology, we'll stay in touch and keep track of all the good things that we're sure will happen for them.

Recently, we attended a 'liquidation' auction of their art at the California Kitchen.  Lots of us went home with new treasures!

 We appreciate and marvel at the art, those tiny little pieces making up such beautiful artwork.

 But, we also know these treasures will always remind us of our friendship with Liza and Larry and we are so happy and grateful our paths crossed. 

We've had alot of fun and we've certainly had some yucks and, probably, way too much pizza and beer! 

Those are the wonderful memories, along with the treasures,  that will stay with us, across the miles.

Liza and Larry,   Since we always hate to say 'good-bye', we'll say this instead (in our best Texan Cowboy accent): 
It's time to Saddle Up and head on out of Dodge.


Lots of love to you both and we will miss you.

Happy Trails to you! Until we meet again...

See you in Spain!

A couple more pictures of Liza's art:

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