Monday, March 7, 2011

Building New, Building Old

(2nd post today)

It's almost overwhelming to see the number of new buildings going up around Cuenca.  Every day we see new ones in progress.  Here is a sample, all in various stages...Cuenca is growing buildings!

  Friends just moved into this brand new building.  Some here think all the new construction is mostly for the 'gringo invasion', but our friends are the only gringos living in this one.  All units have been sold.

This one looks like there are beginnings of a 2nd floor on an older building, note the rebar sticking up.  Or, maybe the rebar is to strengthen existing construction, not sure what the plan is.

The next 2 pics, same construction site, are right in front of La Cuadra complex.  Pretty soon, this area could look like NYC.

More rebar.

The building codes seem to limit the height of the buildings to 10 stories in outlying areas, 6 stores in downtown...but not sure what the current laws say.  The laws change all the time. 

The tallest apt building in Cuenca may be the 20+ floors in our neighborhood, Edificio Palarmo.  We think most newer ones, still in progress, are limited to 10 stories and less, outside the historic areas. 
(By the time the construction is done, it's more like 12 stories...depending upon the design.)

Lots of buildings in bloom!  Lots of flowers in bloom, too.

Lots of street building and repair in progress, too. 
There are big plans for the San Francisco Market area. 
This picture shows that some work has already begun.

We took a ride out with our friends, Jason and Donna, to check out some new house construction.  Here are some pics from that trip.

Horses across the way.


We're fascinated by the building techniques and materials for the old adobe buildings. We think it's interesting to see the details as some buildings have weathered with age.  Since some of our friends are fascinated, too, here are some pictures for them.

 Bricks and stone and plaster and clay/mud.


This is a ceiling.  Looks like original beams.

You can see the cane/bamboo here.

Straw and mud.

A newer stone wall.

Another old beauty.  Just a few repairs and she'd be back to her original, lovely self.

Maybe someday all the wonderful old buildings will be restored to their original splendor, but, for now, we're having fun checking out the 'layers'.

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