Monday, June 11, 2012

More Countryside Pictures

Road trips to the countryside are always fun.  We see little towns and different plants and flowers.  The views of the Andes are always a treat.

Always something fun to see...

Fun street art.

Drop-spinning and making hats.
Bottles and caps embedded in the wall.

Vistas in the Andes and her small mountain towns.

An open-air delivery truck.

These plants grow wild all over Ecuador.  Some friends have a warning though.  They brought some into their house and ended up with a bug infestation.  Best to leave them outside.

Kids in school uniforms.

Their school.

Interesting trees in the town squares.

Interesting churches to explore.

A recent roadslide from the rains.

Good black dirt for the gardens.

You can see there is a little bit of everything out there, all pretty interesting and fun, so make some time to explore the little towns around Cuenca.

It's easy enough to get out in the country.  You can take a bus, a tour, hire a driver or find friends with a car.  Most of the fun little towns are close enough for a day trip.  A refreshing change from our big City.

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