Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walking Cuenca

Our regular readers will know we like to walk on Sundays.  Less traffic, noise and pollution. 

This Sunday we didn't walk with our walking partners, Chuck and Nancy, as they are still traveling, so we decided to do this collection of pics for them.  They will know exactly which streets we walked, as we walk this streets often with them.

A few shots of some interesting patterns we passed earlier in the week.

You can barely see the 'guard'.

On to Sunday...we checked on the Del Vado Plaza progress...... looks all done!  Nice to walk the surrounding streets without mud and construction. 
The Plaza is beautiful.  The City did a great job in restoring this historic area.

The Cross has a newly painted canope.

We again enjoyed the wonderful, life-sized sculpture of 'climbing the greased pole'.

Longer views of the Plaza.

Some old buildings will be all spruced up soon in this neighborhood.  Some are definitely worth saving...good bones and great potential.

As we headed back home, we checked on the underpass/roundabout progress.....we are thrilled! 

You can see the tunnel!!  Officials are reporting the project about 75% complete and you can see it's thisclose to completion.

We'll be walking with the Watsons soon, really looking forward to their company.


Ruth!  We had to smile when we saw this sign!


  1. We are having a great time but we really miss you two....can't wait to resume our Sunday morning walk. Thanks for the pictures. We are quite impressed with the progress of the underpass.

  2. Thanks for telling me what that pole was about. I posted about it but did not know what it was.