Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Cuenca -- Corpus Christi

Cuenca is winding down the celebration of the Body of Christ, a week-long Catholic tradition.   (Sorry about the shadow on the picture.  This is a banner at the flower market for the holiday.)

Here in our City, Corpus Christi also means lots of sweets for sale!  Over 100 vendors around the New Cathedral.  These families baked for weeks in preparation.

Take a look...try not to drool!

You can see more of the candy tents behind the balloons.

The balloon man is standing at the flower market, across the street.

At the Square, we caught folks making the frames for all the free-standing firework castles.  During Corpus Christi, there were fireworks each night.


Some more fun pics from this week.

This is a shop window display of baskets with bright lids.  Just lovely.

We met the sweetest little girl while shopping this week.  She kept wanting to shake our hands and
talk with us.  We loved it!  A real cutie pie.  She definitely tugged at the heart strings...

Taking a break...

Flowers blooming in our window boxes.

Just another 'sweet week' here in Cuenca.

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