Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Sunday and Mariscal Sucre

On Sunday, we had the fun of walking with the Watsons now that they are back in town.  Always fun to catch up on the news and see something new.

Our walk took us through the plaza of Maria Auxiliadora.  We were all delighted to see health booths and street entertainment in progress.  It seems the message was not to eat french fries and hamburgers.  The entertainment included several 'zombies', as well as a ceremonial circle...Wish we'd arrived earlier so we'd have a better understanding of it all. 

Here are some pics:

Rose petals, seeds, fruit, herbs, corn and a sweet smell of something burning.

Some of the performers.
(That's the big statue of the beloved Padre Crespi.)

We continued the walk on to Santo Domingo Church and noticed that the doors were open!  We had to look...  No pics to share of the inside of the Church, but we can tell you it's absolutely beautiful. We felt lucky we had the opportunity to visit, usually the doors are shut.

Here's a picture of an angel standing outside in the entry...so lovely.

Another fun Sunday with the Watsons.


Another day this week we walked Mariscal Sucre.

This is major construction...just the original front of the building is standing, probably complying with the City's UNESCO rules for the historic area.

Fixing the lights.

Another old building being all fixed up.

 LOTS of road construction along this route.  These roads and sidewalks are going to be great!  Take a look...

You can see that traffic didn't stop along Sucre during the construction...made for real traffic jams.

A couple fun shops along the way...

We'll be back walking Sucre later to check on all the progress.

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