Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Pics of Quito

We made a fast trip to Quito recently. 

A cute little restaurant at the airport with good food.

Fun street art to greet you as you arrive.

Here are some pics from the plane on the way home.  Lovely scenery. 

On the Quito runway headed out.

Airborne over Quito. 

A little turbulence but not bad.
Weather can be extreme here in the Andes, but we made it back safe and sound.

On the ground in Cuenca.
Home Sweet Home!

We stayed at a new-to-us place (we usually stay at the Quito Sheraton, mostly out of habit).  New place was great, called the Stubel Suites and Cafe.  Some airlines put their flight staff there.  We had great service, including a driver back and forth from the airport. It's always a relief when we see a driver with our names on a sign at the airport, even when your flight is late. 

Our room was small, but modern, nice amenities, clean and comfortable, with very helpful and professional staff.  One of the few hotels where you can open the windows in the rooms for fresh air.  (We paid about $70/night, plus taxes/fees.) 
We'll stay there again.


  1. Great, thanks for another reccomendation on where to stay in Quito... I see that you flew out of the old airport.. lucky you.. I am hearing that it will cost $35 for a 2 hr taxi to get back into town.

  2. Hi Karen,
    We've heard of the anticipated traffic delays to the new airport, too. The new one is still scheduled to open in Oct 2012, according to all the signs at the current airport.
    This little hotel is about a 20 minute ride to the airport now.