Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Francisco Pictures, Part 2

A continuation of an earlier post.

These pics are mostly for our Ecuadorian friends who are curious about San Francisco.  Our pleasure to share, wish we had more.

Taxis in San Francisco come in all colors and models.  Taxis in Cuenca are all yellow.  Last we checked, a ride to downtown was about a $50-60 ride from the SF airport! 
In Cuenca, it's less than $5, more like $2-3.

In San Francisco taxis, you can't sit in the front seats.  The passenger side is filled with all kinds of high tech equipment.

Lots more clothing sizes available in San Francisco!  Up to 3X (Grande!) and  bigger.

Construction is different in San Francisco...  These are pallets of sheet rock/drywall being hoisted up several floors.

Food choices are definitely different.
This is a garlic bagel with smoked salmon, onions, capers and cream cheese.

Dim Sum (little plates) in Chinatown.

Crab salad!  There is crab in Cuenca, but not like this!

Seafood choices at Fisherman's Wharf.

These are to-go. Crab, shrimp, oysters and clams.

Coffee kiosks for to-go coffee are  common  in San Francisco, but not in Cuenca.  We like coffee from Loja here.
There is delicious chocolate in Cuenca, but not from Ghiradelli Square. 
We always enjoy funny signs.
Some of the things we used to take for granted in SF aren't common here in Cuenca... yet.
But, the government and businesses are working on it. 
More signs you won't see in Cuenca.

Some similar things...street-sweeper and road construction,
a gated entry,
Veggies at the market in SF.(some with hefty prices),

Doggies (many not on leashes in Cuenca)
Service dogs in training.

More flowers!
Orchids are in SF, too.
Probably imported from Ecuador!
A condo complex.  Thst pointy building in the background is the Transamerica building, mostly offices.  You can see the overhead wires for the streetcars.

Creative art.

You'll find art galleries in SF..a little different from the ones in Cuenca.
Street entertainent in SF. Note the gal hailing a Cuenca, the arm doesn't go as high. 
Snack food, SF style.  Churros, pretzels and corn dogs.
Yes, there is good bread in Cuenca, but nothing like the extra-sour french bread in San Francisco!   They say you really need the SF fog to make this good bread...
Much safer sidewalks in San Francisco...nothing to trip over.  Cuenca's old sidewalks are being repaired now and looking good.
Another taxi, this time yellow.

You will see palm trees and blue skies in Cuenca, too.
State and City Flags. 
'Wonder which came first...this hotel or the Eagles' song?
In case you're too young to remember the tune, here it is:

The State of California is the equivalent of Azuay, but so much bigger!
A flight from Los Angeles in the southern part of California, to San Francisco in the northern part, takes about an hour. 
In contrast, a flight from Quito or Guayaquil to Cuenca takes about a half hour.

We hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our birth City. 
We have enjoyed sharing our pictures with you and re-visiting.

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  1. I can almost taste the sourdough and the crab, but I don't envy the taxi fares! Thanks a bunch for the pics.