Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walking Av 27 de Febrero

We walk this City all the time.  We discover new-to-us neighborhoods and activities. There is always something fun to see along the way.  We get our 'airs' and a bit of exercise as we go.  You get to see more on foot.   Better than zipping by in vehicles, or worst, sitting in grid lock, smelly traffic.

Cuenca is a walking town.  During the day, the main thoroughfares are often congested with cars and buses and people.  We just go over a block or 2 from the busy streets and get our peace back.  You can usually breathe better on the side streets, too.  Less diesel fumes and pollution.

Av 27 de Febrero (February)  runs along the Yanuncay River, in the Tres Puentes (3 Bridges) neighborhood.

We've walked this route several times, taking pictures as we go.  We began the walks on Av Solano at the round-about (tres puentes), then turning onto 27 Feb, toward the green/park area along the river. 

Great street art, too.

Nice houses along the way.

Some deep lots and interesting entries.


New construction.

Pretty flowers.

New doggie friend.

A touch of country in the middle of the city.

A fire station and the local Rotary.

Walking this stretch, you'll end up at the next big intersection called Av Paucarbamba.

Thanks for taking a walk with us!

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  1. Nice to see that you checked out our little part of town. We live in the edifico Tres Puentes right across the street from the kids playground about 50 mtrs from Solano. We could have looked out the window and waved at you. Mary & Steve