Saturday, March 23, 2013

Walking Av Solano to El Centro on Sunday

Last post we walked the other way, off Av Solano.  This time we're walking toward the historic area in el centro.

Av Solano is a busy street, at most hours.  Much more quiet on the weekends.  These are pictures from an early Sunday walk.  Solano is a wide avenue, with a park running down the middle.  Several round-abouts and statues.

We zigzagged through residential neighborhoods, just to see what we could see.

Crossing R. Crespo, sidewalk repairs are looking good!

Here is a fun pic, taken during the work week on Crespo...  these guys are working with pick axes.

Interesting gates.

Wall window.


Cut over past the stadium.  Nice art work.

Down Av Jose Peralta toward the river.


Past the Inca ruins and up the hill toward Calle Larga.

Fun street art along the way.



You can see the usually busy Calle Larga and its side streets are practically empty.

Todos Santos Church in the background.

What a view!

Onward toward the Square.

Fountains were ON at both San Sebastian and the Square.

We'll have to do this route again on an early Sunday when the Watsons are in town.

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