Thursday, March 28, 2013

Walking on Palm Sunday. Part 1

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week.  Always something fun to see.

Our Palm Sunday this year began with a sunrise Mass in a nearby Church.  We didn't actually go to the Mass, but we could hear all the beautiful music and see the crowds as they enjoyed the Services outside in front of the Church.

We got a very early start on the Sunday walk, taking  pictures along the way. We headed toward San Blas:   through the neighborhoods, along the river, more side streets to San Blas, then on to the Square (with a break for brunch). 

New construction.

Nice, quiet, easy walk, cool and comfortable, not hot at that hour and not much traffic.

We checked on the construction progress at Parque de la Madre (Mother's Park).  An underground parking area is being built.  Workers were working on this Sunday.

On the way to the river, toward the Broken Bridge.

Night Club, a favorite with the kids.

Across from the river.

Others were enjoying the peaceful river path, too.

On up to Calle Larga.  Past the Inca Ruins.

More side streets. 





Almost to San Blas.  Part 2 is next.

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